Dreams are the focus of Yemi Osunkoya’s collection to mark the 20th anniversary of Kosibah Creations and He should know about making dreams a reality.

He established Kosibah (named in honour of my mother) during a recession in 1991 as a classically trained designer; He has never worked for anybody in his chosen profession.

His pride is the ability to transform any client that works through his salon. And of course a very big warm smile to meet his clients and make them feel very comfortable; willingness to listen and most importantly a feeling that as a client, you can trust his judgment.

Aside from the fact that he liken himself to a structural engineer who can take inches from a woman’s waist, guess the line “taking the surgery out of figure enhancement” fits in perfectly…..Elegance, sophistication and glamour, are basically his style in clothes and they definitely do the talking for his collection.

The Collection is really wonderful and his inspiration was from the world of ballet called Bienvienue 20.