Kosibah Real Bride Anu.

Kosibah Real Bride Anu.

I share with you today’s Kosibah real bride Anu’s wedding with very fond memories. Her wedding was one of those rare ones that allowed me to fully display exactly what Kosibah can do for a wedding party. I dressed Anu and her 6 bridesmaids not only for the wedding, but also for the evening party afterwards where they changed into Afro-Centric eveningwear.

The wedding was held at the magnificent St Marylebone Parish Church , Marylebone Road near Regent’s Park where the couple were able to take some wonderful photographs after the service, and the Reception took place at the London Hilton on Park Lane .

Anu wore a fitted empire-line fishtail gown, with an integral corset laced up underneath the zipper featuring decorative covered buttons. The bodice was ruched in ivory organza and the skirt was in ivory silk duchesse satin with a champagne tulle beaded Lace overlay. The removable cap-sleeved chemise top was in the Lace left sheer.A cathedral tulle veil edged in the same lace completed the ensemble.

As Anu wanted to celebrate her future husbands Ghanaian heritage, I suggested we used a fabric called Kente-Oke as well as duchesse satin for the bridesmaids dresses. Anu’s husband’s tuxedo jacket was made with Kente-Oke as well.

For the evening party, Anu changed into a fitted sheath gown in salmon Silk charmeuse and beaded lace and her bridesmaids in knee-length fitted dresses in Woodin fabric.

A short video clip of the wedding beautifully captured by Joseph Young can be viewed here

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22 thoughts on “Kosibah Real Bride Anu.

  1. This is absolutely amazing!!!

    1. Thank you so much Veronica. I really appreciate you leaving your kind comment.

  2. The Kosibah designs are creative and universally adaptable.

    1. Thank you very much George.

  3. All I could think or say was WOW. Really awesome

    1. I really appreciate that Tomi, thank you.

  4. Beautiful dresses!…Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thank you very much Jo. x

  5. The attention to detail is just amazing! x

    1. Thank you @makingkai . I do try to pay particular attention to detail.

  6. your designs are unique and so different from the traditional wedding gown,i see a mixture of african and english style.i loveeeee this!

    1. Thank you very much Chinwe. Because of the truly bespoke nature of my gowns, I’m able to design dresses that tick all the boxes of each of my clients. Anu definitely wanted African influences throughout her wedding and fortunately I was able to achieve this.

  7. I just found me a new obsession #kosibah# Its nice to see you go all the way out to give your brides the princess feeling. Amazing work

    1. Thank you very much.

  8. Wao. …. This is absolutely gorgeous. Great work!

    1. Thank you so much Ololape.

  9. Really stunning.I love the fact that you always dress your brides and also attend the wedding. Great job!!!

    1. Thank you very much Merssy. Yes, I do try as much as I can to be there to dress my brides and ensure they look perfect on the day.

  10. Oh my…..The back of the dress is everything

    1. Thank you very much.

  11. Love, Just Love.😘
    I Expected Nothing Less.❤

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