Even the formidable VOGUE turn to Kosibah’s founder and designer Yemi Osunkoya, for advice and opinions on all things ready-to-wear and couture bridal.

With bespoke dresses usually taking an average of seven months to make from initial consultation to final fitting and unpredictable lockdowns meaning people were getting married at very short notice, expanding into ready-to-wear has been an approach adopted by lots of bespoke couturiers in 2020, including Kosibah Creations founder, Yemi Osunkoya. “This situation has made me realise that you have to be in control at the drop of a button,” he says on the phone from New York, where he would normally split his time with London and where he redeployed production lines to make face masks for the charity Music Kitchen NYC. “The world has changed and with so many unknowns I wanted to create a collection that reflected the new reality… the ready-to-wear collection resonated with that.”

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