Yemi Osunkoya is not just an emerging talent in the world of bridal design – Yemi Osunkoya has emerged!  With over two decades of crafting luxury couture bridal gowns and formal wear, Osunkoya has found his niche and his purpose. His handcrafted opulence has acquired recognition with some of the best bridal reviews and top tier clientele. With an articulateness in fine art and a major in textiles and design coupled with a  education from the Paris Academy of Fashion, Osunkoya is a master at his craft. The aforementioned was a compromise he made with his supportive parents as he just wanted to learn patternmaking and how to construct a garment from scratch. His determination and tenacity led to his own framework of “Kosibah,” a name given to a baby girl born on a Sunday in the Republic of Benin. He chose this after his mother to honor the nourishment and encouragement his parents gave his artistic pursuits.

Ayo - The Asheyori Eji Collection
Ayo – The Asheyori Eji Collection